Editor's Pick: 1A Podcast from WAMU

For this week's Editor's Pick, I'm recommending a recent podcast from NPR's new 1A program. "The Economics of Single Women" - released aptly on Valentine's Day - discusses changing gender norms that are helping create a more equitable society for single women to have more freedom in economic decision-making. 

The mega-brand jeweler Tiffany serves as the grounding example of a shifting economic ecosystem toward female independence in this invigorating discussion about the financial decision-making of single women in 2017.  Purchasing Tiffany jewelry, or more accurately, receiving it, has remained a status symbol of women for decades.  Receiving expensive jewelry or any type of luxury item from a man displayed a woman's status in a relationship as worthy of a man's time and gifts, while, as many in feminist theory will argue, also displayed ownership and patriarchal attitudes.  Since the height of the women's movement and broadening of civil rights in the United States, however, the women of today enjoy greater freedom (and less stigma) to make purchases as single individuals, causing industry changes in business, advertising, housing markets, and many others.


Included in this discussion:

Bella DePaulo, author of "Singled Out: How Singles Are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After"

Chavie Lieber, senior reporter at Racked

Lisa Bonos, writer and editor at the Washington Post's Solo-ish

Brittany Mason, creator of Alone in Atlanta

And make sure to click the 1A logo to the right to view the show's archive and listen to past programs.  1A is a podcast and radio program based in Washington, D.C. at WAMU 88.5 and supported by NPR.